Today I popped to my usual hairdressers and lobbed off 3 inches of my hair,
I did only go in for a trim but my hairdresser said if we took off the 3 inches all of my bleach damage
from dip dying my hair last summer would be gone and who am I to argue?

Yes my hair does feel miles better but my gosh loosing those 3 inches really does make a difference
in length particularly when you have only just grew it past that annoying in-between stage.
My hair is now just 19 inches long so as I am never one to rest on my laurels, I became proactive
and nipped into my local Boots and stocked up on Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment.

In the past I have relied on Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment to help repair and grow my hair.
I'm not so sure if it does actually make the hair grow or if it is psychological but I do notice a difference
in both terms of length and condition and have decided to re-visit this treatment and combine it with a course of Milk Thistle supplements which my hair dresser swears by.

If you have yet to try the Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment or are unsure what it is and does then
let me explain, it is a thick jelly like substance that you apply to wet hair after shampooing,
leave for 10 minutes, rinse and condition as usual.
Sometimes on a Sunday I have been known to leave this on for up to half an hour
in the hope that the prolonged time will help some how, the jury is still out on that theory.
This is not a conditioning treatment but I do find it to add a little moisture boost to my hair
but not enough to skip conditioner completely.

So yes my hair is currently 19 inches and I am determined to stick by it
even though I seem to go through a tub of the treatment a week which does add up.
Unlike in the past I promise to stick with this routine and will update in two months time
with before and after length photos.

Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment £7.99/200ml but currently on a 3 for £12 offer
via Boots - link