Before the MAC Pro Sculpting hit the scene and many a blog I bought a few cream foundations
from Avon on the cheap in the hope of achieving a sculpted look without costing the earth.
I have of course since picked up the MAC Pro Sculpting creams but that is due to colour choice
not quality which I will go on to explain in a moment.

Essentially using cream products to contour and highlight is nothing new within the beauty world
but with the likes of Kim Kardashian et al forever mentioning and photographing the technique
more and more of us are attempting the sculpted look ourselves with various products and methods.
Personally I only reach for cream products when i'm going somewhere special such as a night out 
or an event, I find it a little too much effort for everyday wear haha!
My preferred method of application is using small tapered synthetic brushes, I tend to apply the shades
very much like the diagram above but only I don't put quite as much focus on my neck.
I do apply and blend out the highlight and contour marks before applying my foundation 
but sometimes on a particularly bloated day I do add a little extra on top of my foundation 
but let's keep that confession between just us!

So why do I use Avon Ideal Flawless Cream foundations?
Well not only do they blend well but the colour range particularly the light-mid options is vast,
once on the skin they set and stay put even on my oily skin thanks to their cream to powder formulation.
The other thing is that with huge pores like mine you do have to be careful in what you apply to 
troublesome areas but as the Ideal Flawless Cream foundation is matte, it doesn't gather into my pores and the oil formula is perfect for those that struggle with oil control.
My only niggle with using the Avon foundations is such a way is that if you have a deep skin tone you will struggle finding a decent contour shade as the deep colour range isn't all that wide.
For reference I use shade Creamy Natural as my highlight and Caramel as my contour,
at the moment Caramel is a little too deep which is why I bought a MAC alternative.
Otherwise I am really happy with the Ideal Flawless formula so much so I have bought one 
to use as an everyday foundation. 

Avon Ideal Flawless Cream Foundation currently £4.99 (regularly £12.99) via Avon - link