Wishing on a star

It has been a while since I last posted a typical non-themed beauty wish list
and as many commented that they enjoyed reading slightly more personal posts,
I thought it was about time that I put together another "Wishing On A Star" instalment.

1, Thierry Mugler have just launched a new range of scents each fragrance does sound truly beautiful
but at £95 a pop I'm guessing I would be a very lucky girl to even own one.

2, Once you own a Diptyque candle it is all you will want to burn but as I do get fed up of one scent
all the time I think this dinky little trio may be not only better value for my money but also
allow me to pick and choose each night. 

3, With Christmas on the way I have been feeling mighty festive and want a bright candy apple red nail
polish which I will undoubtedly top with lots of glitter, the one red shade that has been on my mind is
Essie's Lollipop which has that gel like finish I adore.

4, Urban Decay's Sin primer is the one thing I really do need to pick up, I like the original un-tinted formula
as it grips on to my eyeshadow like no other but this version is tinted with a light golden shimmer effect
which means on lazy days I can pat this on and be done with it.

5,Continuing with my lazy eye effort this creamy pencil eyeshadow from By Terry is perfect for
slicking on, blending and just getting on with the day.

6, I have a few of the new Bobbi Brown palettes to show over the coming days but did not pick up
the Black Pearl palette and I am now kicking myself as I think it would be perfect for creating an easy
but beautiful smoky eye for all those Christmas parties that are upcoming.

7, By Terry Baume de Rose is not a product I expected to fall for but a quick test of my friends pot and I fell in love and I do like that it is multi-purpose not to mention it smells divine. 

P.S sadly Blogger would not let me link in this post, each link would not work and appear with a 404
message, I'm hoping it's just a minor fault and something I can remedy later on in the day.