Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween with China Glaze - Cast A Spell Collection

I must have tried every Sally's in Glasgow in an attempt to get my hands on China Glaze's Halloween
Collection for 2012 which is dubbed the Cast A Spell collective which boasts 6 shades:
Make A Spectacle, Immortal, Bizarre Blurple, Glitter Goblin, Cast A Spell and Roguish Red.
In the end I gave up and ordered the two shades that spoke to me the most from eBay.

Cast A Spell
This shade is far more beautiful than the photos let on, it is a deep murky green with a golden duo chrome
which is created by flecks of deep green and a dull golden glitter.
It is one of those shades you need to see in person to truly appreciate but it is by far my favourite 
from the duo I picked up and as the glitter is so fine I found it a breeze to remove.

Glitter Goblin
I want to like this shade - a mix of red, silver and holographic glitter particles suspended within
a clear base, it is jam packed with glitter but is more suited to Christmas than Halloween
and is not as special as I anticipated but does look nice enough over a red base.

As mentioned I picked these up on eBay for just under £5 each (inc p&p) - link 

P.S No nail swatches for a few days as like the idiot you all know me to be I had a little
hit n run accident with a knife while carving a pumpkin...nothing serious but a cut finger
does look pretty grim despite it being pretty on theme for the occasion.



  1. Cast A Spell looks amazing! Really unique :) x

  2. Cast A Spell looks amazing! I love how opaque the backdrop colour is! X

  3. I agree, Cast A Spell looks stunning; I'm so wary of glitter polishes though because they're usually so hard to remove! :(

    - Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

  4. I've never tried a China Glaze polish before, but Cast A Spell looks gorgeous! I'm heading past a Sally's tomorrow so maybe I'll pop in and see if I get lucky x

  5. Glitter Goblin is amazing! I HATE removing glitter polishes so these may be right up my street! x

  6. They are such gorgeous colours!:)

  7. Oh i love these! Love glitter polishes even though they are a nightmare to remove!

  8. Love Cast a spell, definitely my kind of polish :) x

  9. Cast A Spell is a fantastic shade for halloween, kudos to whoever came up with that shade! x

  10. Oh wow I love them both! Not just Halloween though, I think these will be great Christmas shades eeee Christmas! So excited, not sure what happened there haha xo

  11. so jealous of your nail polish collection! x

  12. Love both of these! Have been so into China Glaze since picking up the Hunger Games 'Electify' polish!

  13. Glitter Goblin looks a lot like Twinkle Lights by China Glaze!

  14. I have no doubt, Cast a spell intrigues me so much!!!

  15. Glitter goblin: omg, how pretty is this!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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