When it comes to bath and body product I seldom steer away from fruity or vanilla scents,
despite us now being in the midst of Autumn I'm really not interested in warming or spicy fragrances.
As I am allergic to Cocoa Butter it makes it doubly hard finding a good quality body butter
to quench my now dry skin's thirst so I was very happy to find a fruity Shea Butter based
body moisturiser that has a fresh citrus scent to help banish the winter blues.

"Gadi 21 Minerals Body Butter Tangerine and Melon. Rich body butter formulated to actively nourish, firm and regenerate dry and mature skin. Treat your body to an intense nourishing and restoring experience. From the moment of application, this supremely elegant formula, enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Shea Butter transforms dull, fatigued skin into delicate silk as it infuses the body with deep hydration to improve skin elasticity and rehydrate. With a sweet, fresh and juicy citrus top-note of tangerine and bright, exotic melon oil to soothe and relax your body and mind."

The texture of this body butter is out of this world as you would expect with the £30 price tag...ouch!
It is thick yet almost jelly like, it softens, soothes, moisturises and the scent uplifts my mood which
hasn't been the best...the dark days really get me down.
It absorbs within seconds which is extra important in the colder seasons when you really don't want to
be hanging around naked waiting on a body butter to soak into the skin...brrr!
What I like most is that a little goes a long, long, long way and despite being labelled a Tangerine Melon
medley it very much is a case of a Tangerine dream in terms of scent and let me tell you it is divine.

I'm hoping Santa gifts me with the matching scrub this Christmas!

Gadi 21 Minerals Tangerine Melon Body Butter £30/7.7oz via House of Fraser - link