This year The Body Shop have three new delightful scents that are limited edition but sure to get
you into the festive spirit with products fragranced with cheery Christmas notes including Cranberry Joy, Ginger Sparkle and Vanilla Bliss so hopefully there is a scent for everyone's tastes.

Cranberry Joy Body Polish £10/250ml* via The Body Shop - link

A gentle body exfoliant which can be used everyday if you wish, it lightly foams and contains natural cranberry and honey extracts to help soften the skin without being harsh.
When it comes to body scrubs I like mine to be really gritty so they slough off every little particle of dry and rough skin and this is exactly what this does thanks to a combination of various scrub particles including real cranberry seeds which is a functional yet novelty addition to the product.
Scent wise this is fresh, fruity and slightly tart fragrance, it may not be to everyone's taste 
but if you are looking for a fruity scrub to see you through the winter season, perhaps as a pre-tanning
preparation step then I do recommend trying this.

Ginger Sparkle Body Butter £13/200ml* via The Body Shop - link

If the cute packaging doesn't warm the cockles of your heart, then you my friend are dead inside!
Only kidding but the sweet little gingerbread man does make this scent edition hard to pass up
on even if like myself you aren't the biggest fan of Ginger based scents.
This is a true ginger scent, slight spicy and warming not sweet like a gingerbread treat
but strangely addictive and as mentioned time and time before I am all about sweet, fruity scents
so make of that what you will.

The Body Shop Body Butters need little introduction and are a hero product for so many
but in case you have yet to experience the wonder of the formula let me give you a quick low down.
All and I mean all of The Body Shop Body Butters are thick, creamy and luxurious in texture
yet feel light as air on the skin and offer deep hydration which is a god send in the colder months.
They leave behind no residue and sink into the skin immediately, all in all a great body moisturiser.

Vanilla Bliss Shower Gel £4/250ml* via The Body Shop - link

I adore vanilla scents, the creamier the better and Vanilla Bliss  is perhaps my favourite
vanilla scent by The Body Shop and one I really need to stock up on A.S.A.P.
I would liken it to the likes of Vanilla Ice Cream but it is not as sweet, instead it is a rich, comforting
true Vanilla fragrance that is grown up and not sickly in the slightest perhaps Vanilla yogurt
is the best comparrison?
I can't really pin point the scent ( a scratch and sniff element would be a great addition here) but it is
one if you like Vanilla half as much as I do I urge you to try immediately.

Yes this is marketed as a shower gel but I would say it is more of a shower creme as it is thick,
moisturising yet does a wonderful job of cleansing the skin with a light foam.
I can't preach about this creamy shower gel quite enough and recommend you all give it a whirl.

Have you tried anything from The Body Shop's Limited Edition Christmas selections yet?