If like myself you struggle with hair oils - I personally hate the texture and sensation of all oil based products
but can't deny that the benefits often outweigh my reasons for not using oil products,
then you may want to try Moroccan Oil Light as it is different from most hair oils I have used in the past.

Moroccan Oil Light is formulated for fine and light coloured neither of which I have (thick, almost black hair) but as the formula is slightly lighter than the original but still poses the same properties.
What I like about Moroccan Oil Light is that I can apply it to both wet and dry hair not to mention
as a pre-shampoo treatment without it ever feeling heavy, sticky or leaving a nasty residue in my hair.
When used on wet hair once dry be it naturally or with a hair drier I find my hair to be left silky soft with a light sheen and particularly when used in conjunction with a hair dryer I find my split ends to be far less noticeable as the oil somewhat bonds them together, great for in-between salon visits.
On dry hair I use this to smooth and again seal my ends and once more it adds a light sheen finish
that never borders on greasy, which is something I have struggled with in the past.
Another redeeming factor of Moroccan Oil Light is that unlike other hair oils
this has next to no scent, some hair oils contain alcohol (this does not) and that can dominate the fragrance
which is not pleasant in the slightest.

If like myself you want to find a hair oil that does it all but is not heavy on the hair then I can not recommend
Moroccan Oil Light enough!
I know Moroccan Oil can be fairly pricey but I received mine from Fabriah the site offers a lowest price guarantee i.e If you can find the products marked below cheaper anywhere else on the internet they will match it and the prices are V.A.T free so it may be worth looking into for hair care splurges

Moroccan Oil Light* £32.45/100ml via Fabriah - link