I like a bold lip colour every now and then but rather than reaching for a red shade I do tend to favor
a bright pink shade and in my book the brighter the better.
If anyone is looking for a good quality but purse friendly bold pink shade then look no further.

Packaging wise Avon Color Trend Kiss 'n' Lipsticks are nothing to behold but I believe they are targeted
at really young teens on a tight budget, at the end of the day as long as the formula is decent
I really couldn't give a flying monkey's about the casing.
In a sentence the casing is cheap, plastic but it is sturdy and that is the main thing.

Within the Kiss 'n' Go line there is 16 shades which includes a few recent new shade additions.
I of course plumped for Doll Pink which is a bright almost neon pink,
I am forever deeming this type of shade a "Barbie" pink and with a title such as Doll Pink,
the description couldn't be more apt.
Doll Pink does have a slight blue tone which will help to give the illusion of whiter teeth,
something I am always thankful for.
I'm sure most will be wondering is this a dupe for MAC's Candy Yum Yum 
and the answer is sadly not this is deeper and not as neon.

Formula wise there isn't really anything to fault, the shade is well pigmented, glides on the lips with ease, feels somewhat moisturising and doesn't have a tendency to feather or bleed nor does it cling to dry areas.
Doll Pink has a highly glossy finish which works beautifully with the shade.
The one thing that lets down the lipstick is the wear time, this particular shade wears for around 3 hours 
before fading which it doesn't do evenly but a quick application touch up every now and then can be
overlooked for such a gorgeous shade surely?

Avon Color Trend Kiss 'n' Go Lipstick in Doll Pink £3.75 via Avon - link