I have finally found the perfect skin care routine for my skin type that not only works for me
but also seems to be doing a wonderful job of keeping blemishes and oil at bay.
I will be posting about my newish routine which is far more simple and contains less products
than I used to reach for very soon but first I want to review some of the items individually so
that when I post my new routine you have a little background to refer to for each product.

Sisley Gentle Make-Up Remover can be used on both the face and eyes but I only use it to remove
my eye make-up and instead use Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel - link for removing the main bulk
of my make-up and use Sisley's Gentle Make-Up Remover for my eye make-up removal needs.

When I first opened the bottle I was a little bamboozled (I have been dying to use this term)
by how the bottle dispensed the product as it has a weird sensory pump but once you get to grips 
with the contraption it is actually rather easy and dare I say it genius!
To use you simply place your cotton pad or muslin cloth over the pump and push down and it dispenses
a small amount of product that if using just for eye make-up is the perfect amount each time.
I like that it takes the guess work out of things and if you tip the bottle upside down even with the cap up
you experience no leaks or spills!

As mentioned I use this product to remove my eye make-up which can often consist of waterproof mascara
and I find it to be gentle yet effective, it removes all my make-up with ease and without being greasy or oil
based which so many make-up removing products seem to be and that is just not my thing in the slightest.
Like I said it is gentle so you experience no sting or irritation what so ever and I also find the formula to
be rather hydrating which is important when cleansing such a delicate area.
Now this is not a cheap product by any stretch of the imagination but as I use so little and as it is so effective
I can justify it and do recommend it particularly as an eye make-up remover!

Sisley Gentle Make-Up Remover* 300m/£69 via Harrods - link