It has been a while since any eyeshadow palette has truly excited me and warranted a purchase
but from the day I set eyes on the Urban Decay Vice palette in Debenhams I knew it had to be mine.
As it contains all new shades unlike other palettes from the brand I was sold on the spot
and to think I'm not even all that much of an eyeshadow fan!

The packaging really does appeal to me, yes it has a rubberised finish that NARS is renowned for
but unlike the NARS packaging this does not seem to collect dirt and finger prints quite so quickly.
The aspects that really speak to me is the large diamante emblem that is shaped into the Urban Decay logo
and unlike other palettes this has a push button that gently unhinges the more broken nails
trying to wrestle it open, lord I hate hard to open packaging!
If that isn't enough Vice also features a huge high quality mirror and a great synthetic duo ended brush.

As mentioned this palette only features new, never repeated shades...20 in total in a range of finishes
including matte, metallic, satin and glitter. 
The Vice palette is limited edition so you will have to move quickly to avoid missing out!

Swatches are in order...

Desperation - Deep steel blue grey, satin finish.
Muse - Deep golden tinged brown with gold glitter, micro-glitter finish
Jagged - Deep brown with an olive green duo-chrome effect, micro glitter finish.
Blitz - Bright golden olive green, metallic finish.
Penny Lane - Yellowed metallic peach , shimmer finish.

Junkie - Bright green/blue with gold glitter, micro glitter finish.
Chaos - Bright cobalt blue, matte finish.
Occupy - Midnight blue with silver, grey accent, metallic finish.
Unhinged - Bright turquoise blue, metallic finish.
Black Market - True black, matte finish.

Provocateur - Dusky pink with a hint of silver , glitter finish.
Rapture - Grey tinged mauve, satin finish.
Vice - Deep purple with a duo chrome blue hint , metallic finish.
Noise - Bright cerise pink with a blue undertone and gold glitter, micro glitter finish.
Armour - Light silver toned taupe with slight lilac leaning, metallic finish.

Nevermind - Light, cool tone golden brown, metallic finish.
Echo Beach - Light, bright sand brown, metallic finish.
Anonymous - Flesh toned peach, matte finish.
Freebird - Yellow tinged light frosted pink, metallic finish.
Lace - Dusky pink/brown, matte finish.

When it comes to eyeshadows I do feel Urban Decay are king, their formula is always top knotch
with high colour pay off, great soft yet easy to blend textures and out of this world colour choices.
If you are looking for a palette that has a shade for every occasion and every taste then this is the one to
save your pennies for as it is truly amazing and worth the investment!
In terms of wear with a primer I find Urban Decay eyeshadows to stay put until I decide to remove
it and in my book that is how it should be.
I think it is safe to say I'm very glad that I am the proud owner of this palette haha!

Urban Decay Vice Palette £42 via Debenhams - link