Thursday, October 25, 2012

Plum-tastic Nail Duo !

Today I woke up and decided I needed plum nails, sorry Nails Inc Baker Street I have cheated on you
but I did reach for another Nails Inc shade which is a deep red wine shade dubbed Victoria
which is another firm favourite of mine particularly in the cooler months of Autumn and Winter,
it is also a great toe shade...what a term eh?

As much as I love the Victoria shade I couldn't resist slicking on a layer or two of Revlon Facets of Fuchsia
which has been re-released and re-branded as "Scandalous" but it is the exact same shade/formula.
Facets of Fuchsia/Scandalous is a black jelly base with purple pink chunky glitter that when applied
over the wine tone of Victoria results in a deep plum glitter fusion and my perfect plum polish!

What is your to go to plum polish? Or do you layer on a few like myself?

Nails Inc Victoria £11/10ml via Nails Inc - link
Revlon Scandalous £6.49/12.5ml via Boots, Superdrug or any Revlon stockist!

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  1. Loving plum this autumn! Just bought myself some plum lippy and will def pick up this Revlon polish on my next shop!

    Jen xx

  2. They look gorgeous! I especially like the Revlon glitter. Fab colour for autumn.

  3. Love the color combo. I wore Scandalous the other day but alone (layered up):)
    Sara xx

  4. Ooo i love that! how pretty!!

  5. Gorgeous combo, I can't get enough of the Revlon sparkly polishes :-)

  6. I need a good plum nail polish. I have tons of plum lipsticks and am happy autumn is finally here so I can wear them! :)

    - Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

  7. I love the purple glitter :) Fab colour for Autumn & I think would look great on Halloween too! xx

  8. Oh wow, your nails look amazing - so beautiful! I love plum nail colors, especially for Fall Fashion! Your blog is really cute as well, by the way!
    ~Leslie - =))

  9. It's so amazing!! The plum in autumn... That's amore!!!

  10. so pretty xx

  11. Love that Revlon polish. I actually just painted my nails with it over a deep navy colour, then couldn't resist putting a second purple and blue glitter polish over that! I seem to have an obsession with putting glitter polish over everything at the moment!

  12. Gorgeous combo. I'm loving glittery top coats for winter!

  13. I love plum, it's my favourite nail colour!
    This effect looks great x


  14. The revlon nail polish is awesome

  15. Wow! Amazing! Usually I don't like nail polishes with glittery thingies, but this looks goooood!

  16. plum nails, lips and blush all the way! looks lovely :)

  17. This looks so pretty! I'm in love with glitter polishes right now.

    G x

  18. I have that revlon glitter polish, but mines called facets of fuchsia? One of my fav's! x

  19. They look gorgeous, lovin the plum shade :) xx


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