Today's Halloween post comes in the shape of a beautiful candy scented candle from Lily Flame.
In the UK other than Yankee it is rather difficult to find Halloween products to scent the house
and even the Yankee scents are few and far between and tend to be spice based which I'm not a fan of.
So my heart did flutter slightly when I stumbled across Spook.

Unlike other companies all of Lily Flame's candles are hand made and packaged beautifully,
but that aside Lily Flame candles are highly scented and fragrance the entire home with ease
when burnt for a few hours.

The Spook scent reminds me of Haribo sweets, it has a sweet candy scent with a hint of vanilla.
It taps into the sweet side of Halloween and has all the essence of the day without going down 
the spice or pumpkin route which i'm sure many are sick to the back teeth off!
If you are looking for a calorie free candy treat this All Hallows Eve then I think this is the way to go.

Lily Flame Spook Candle £8.99 via Lily Flame - link