Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Origins Plantscription Foundation - Review

For the first time ever in my history of blogging I am not going to mess around chatting about the packaging
of this foundation (simplistic, modern and typical foundation squeeze tube that is robust...I can't help myself.)
and just crack on (no more Geordie Shore for me) with the review.

"This patent-pending, anti-ageing foundation with Anogeissus floats effortlessly over skin to deliver instant age-and-pore-correcting perfecting SPF helps prevent future ageing signs.
Colour stays true for hours."

Origins is a brand most us associate with skin care but they do have a range of make-up items
all of which are fabulous and the product I have been getting to grips with is their anti-ageing foundation
which comes in 11 shades that range from light to dark and warm to cool...I love when brands do this!
The formula is light and quite a loose but it has just the right amount of moisture, not so hydrating that
us with oily skin need to worry but enough to quench dry skins and prevent the foundation from clinging to
any dry areas on the face nor does it settle into fine lines or enlarged pores but glides over imperfections,
concealing and evening the skin tone as it goes.

The coverage is essentially in the mid range but you can easily build it over any area that needs a little more
help without it caking all the while being extremely comfortable to wear and staying in place for at least 8 hours with the aid of primer and powder in my case (oily skin).
I truly do like this foundation as it feels like a second skin yet covers so well with a natural finish that isn't 
overly matte, the shade I have shown above is very light which is a tad too light, I will be ordering
medium cool so expect to hear more about this foundation across various posts in the coming months!

Origins Plantscription Foundation* £28/30ml via Origins - link

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  1. Ooh sounds good, i need a matte-ish foundation asap :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Hi, i'm Chiara and i'm italian. Your blog it's very fashion.
    Maybe this foundation is too heavy for me..
    Bye, bye

  3. Oh I love Origins but never tried their make up. This looks like it could be something fancy. x

    1. Honestly their cream eyeshadows are amazing!

  4. I love Origins :) Definitely need to try this out!

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  6. This sounds beautiful, I NEED it!

  7. I tried a sample of this and loved it. Can't wait to get the fullsize version x

    1. I need to get my shade :) such a great foundation isn't it!

  8. Definitely need to get hold of a sample of this! Sounds perfect but like you I have oily skin so I'm just a bit worried about how well it'll last :/

    Jesss xo

    1. I'm very oily skinned and it stayed put for a good 8 hours so I think you should be fine but try and get a sample 1st :)

  9. I have never tried any makeup product from Origins, but I might have to begin with this one! I love their skincare so this has to be good!

    1. I'm new to origins make-up too but so far so good :)

  10. I really want to try something from Origins, I think foundation is a pretty natural next step for them actually. Great review!

  11. I never think of makeup when I think of origins!this sounds great,I have quite oily skin but don't want something really matte so this sounds perfect!xx


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