Last night saw the new James Bond instalment - Sky Fall hit the UK cinema screens,
as i'm not a James Bond fan I decided that going to the drive in movies (yup in freezing Scotland and at -2 last night) would be a good idea...needless to say it wasn't.
Anyway O.P.I have paired up with the Bond franchise and released a 12 piece nail collection,
one of which I have to share this chilly eve.

Annoyingly every single chunky multi-coloured glitter nail polish since last years infamous Rainbow Connection shade by O.P.I has either been hailed as the next "Rainbow Connection" 
or a dupe for such shade!

Well O.P.I The Living Daylights is indeed a chunky multi-coloured glitter nail polish but it is nothing like
Rainbow Connection, if we are speaking about dupes I would say that Models Own Ibiza Mix
would be your best bet.

The Living Daylights is a mix of blue, silver and light red rust shades of hexagonal shaped glitter,
it doesn't scream James Bond to me but it is very pretty not to mention festive
and surprisingly applies well, drying fairly quickly too.
I find it to look best over deep shade ( I have layered it over Look Beauty's Island) but hey that is my preference and the beauty of multi tonal shades is that you can layer them over pretty much any shade
you fancy and get away with it!

I bought The Living Daylights from eBay for £4.96 - link