Don't get me wrong I am a Lush fan but more so towards the end of each year when the Halloween, Day of the Dead and Christmas stock appears in store, it is just more magical and let's face it the colder months
is when most of us spend longer in the bath tub!

Sadly Lush's Halloween and Day of the Dead collection seems to be smaller this year
as I distinctly recall the Lady Catrina soap from 2010/2011 which I'm a little heart broken that
it seems to be over looked this year...hopefully 2012 will see it's revival?

Anyway I have three Halloween items from Lush to share (there is a few retro items on their website
that are not available in store but you will have to be quick as some have sold out already.), 
I have purposely left out the Calacas shower jelly as it is a Day of the Dead item and will post my review
about it on such day...sorry but I dislike when people lump the two days together as they are very different occasions and should be treated as such.

Twilight Shower Gel - £4.25-£14.95 - link

"Because we are all made of stars!
A lavender and malt notes shower gel to calm, relax and comfort as it helps you transition from day to night. Do you want to look up at the night sky and remember that you are part of it? 

Then Twilight will help you connect. For a good night’s sleep, use this before bed. "

Not to be confused with the tween vampire saga but a limited edition shower gel that has been delicately 
scented with the same scent as one of Lush's best selling bath ballistics - Twilight.
I'm not the biggest fan of lavender scents but this has a soothing fragrance that is perfect to use 
in a hot shower before popping on your pj's and hoping into bed for a great night of sleep.
You can also use this as a bubble bath or even as a shampoo and it would even be great to add
to a kids night time bath to help settle and calm them before bed time?
However this is limited edition so you will have to stock up if you fall in love with the scent.

Twilight Bath Bomb £3.20 - link

"Let the sun set around you as you let go of the day and drift off to a world of dreams
If you are struggling to sleep, then this is perfect for using in the evenings. 
With lavender oil for when you need a bit of extra help to wind down.

We’ve added visuals to this bath to help your mind let go and embrace the night time. 
Twilight dissolves to create a growing sunset that gradually gets darker until you are finally left 
with the glimmer of stars."

Not strictly part of the Halloween collective but I do find it to tap into the magical and mysterious
element that I often associate with this time of the year and it is visually stunning when put in use.
Again this shares the same sleepy lavender scent as the Twilight shower gel but I do find this to be
slightly milder and the perfect companion to any pre-bed time soak.

The Enchanter Bath Bomb £3.20 - link

"To cast a magical spell of colour and fragrance over your bathroom, simply drop The Enchanter in the tub. This layered ballistic changes colour as it fizzes, swirling in haze of orange and pink and releasing its sunny lime and neroli fragrance.
Lime and neroli essential oils are brilliant mood lifters, making you feel bright, cheerful and ready for anything. Frankincense adds its own complexity to the perfume, and helps the zingy citrus scent linger on your skin long after you’ve left the bathroom."

This is the bath bomb that everyone is raving about at the moment and rightly so not only is the
scent a bright citrus wake up call that will chase away any signs of the winter blues but it
turns that bath water into a physidellic maze of colour, not to mention the natural oils help to soften
and soothe the skin making it a lovely Autumnal treat.
Again this is limited edition so I would pick up a few and stash them away for those wet
miserable evenings that Britain does rather well!

Have you picked up any Halloween Lush goodies yet?