A few months ago I went through a phase of ordering items from "indie" companies
as I was very much bored of the high street and one company recommended to test out was One Hand
Washes the Other which do wide range of hand made scents in various forms.
Being the Halloween geek that I am, I popped a few Halloween inspired fragrances in my basket and today really is the perfect time to share my thoughts on a fairly new concept to me...solid scents.

Let me level with you in saying when I wear perfume I want everyone and their mother to be able to smell it!
I know the classy way to sport scent is to wear so little that you have to get up and close and personal to detect it (oh la la!) but that's not for me.
I want those around to be able to taste smell it from 10 paces so solid scents are a step on the wild side for me.I'm not sure I'm totally sold on solid scents as they are quite subtle, don't get me wrong the ones I have
tried from One Hand Washes the Other do last the pace of the day but you can't quite apply
it as liberally as I would like.

Bobbing for Apples

"A game traditionally played at Halloween parties, bobbing for apples involves a water-filled tub and apples floating in it, waiting for you to pick them up with your teeth. Fun!Fresh Apples, Apple Skin, Bonfire Smoke, Hay Bales, and Tonka Beans."

We used to play this game at our Halloween parties in Primary School only we used to drop in
forks using our mouths rather than dipping our heads straight in the water,
face paint and water never did mix all that well.
To me this scent has a bright fresh authentic apple fragrance that is not only perfect for Halloween
but the Autumn months in general and no it doesn't remind me of DKNY's Be Delicious haha!

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
"A creepy multimedia fragrance experience, sweet baby sweet baby sweet baby.
Acorns, Oak, Vanilla, Apples, Roasted Spiced Pumpkin, a bit of Musk and a mound of freshly-dug Dirt. Sort of disturbing!"

I have always had cats even as a teeny tiny child playing outside with my then all male relatives.
Anyone who grew up within a huge male child orientated family will know just how vile little boys
can be and I bought this purely on the fact that it reminds me of my brothers/cousins picking up
anything one of our cats may or may not (innocent until proven guilty) murdered.
Honestly they used to bring in dead birds with their entrails hanging out to show my Mum
and Gran...I still have nightmares and apologies for the trip down memory lane.

Anyway despite it's official scent description I think it smacks of a combination of pop corn
and white chocolate, yes it sounds pretty disgusting but believe me when I say it is actually rather
scrumptious yet familiar, fans of the Haus of Gloi scents will really like this one
as I think it is typical of that brand.

Down A Dark Path
"It's where many a good scary story starts. Fresh figs, Dried Leaves, Carnations, Oakmoss, Amber, Sage, Black Pepper, Pumpkin, Vanilla, Pomegranate, Beeswax, Rhubarb, Lavender, and the scent of an unidentifiable animal stalking you in the shadows between the trees."

Apologies that I don't have a tale of my past to share or a positive remark to say about this particular
scent other than truthfully it is pretty rank and almost rings stale to me.
Let's just say the notes don't blend all that well in my opinion...sorry!

Green Lady

"Poor Elizabeth; after her husband Benjamin didn't return from a trip to town when expected, Elisabeth went out into a terrible storm to find him, and then tragically drowned in a nearby swamp during the search. Some people have questioned the story and wonder if Benjamin may have murdered her and covered up his heinous deed with the drowning alibi. Regardless of exactly what caused her demise, she has been roaming the damned earth for centuries. Appearing to startled visitors as a green mist, which becomes the clearly defined shape of a woman in a green dress, she then gives an otherworldly smile before disappearing just as quickly. Green Bartlett Pears, a basket of Figs, and an apparition of spectral Musk."

Did you read that full description? No, me neither.
I think we all grew up with ghost stories that contained some ghostie *insert colour of choice* lady,
for me it was the grey lady and common childhood belief where I lived at the time was if you said
her name three times in the dark, facing a mirror, holding a candle she'd appear.
Now I couldn't tell you if it is true or not because frankly I was and still am too scared to try haha!
Anyway this is a beautiful bright fruity scent that is dominated by the pear note
and is by far my favourite of the bunch.

So that was my first foray into solid scents, have you tried anything like this?

OHWTO solid scents cost $5.50 (£3.40) and p&p does depend on weight but I paid $10.95 (£6.80)
for 6 bars of fragrance to be shipped to the UK - link