Each year I see so many American Youtuber's/bloggers talking about Bath & Body Works Anti-Bac Hand Gels and wanted a slice of the action but obviously couldn't get my mitts on them quite so easily.
Well that was until someone kindly pointed me in the direction to the bath and body shop - link
which is an online store that sells Bath & Body Works (hello new candles), Victoria's Secret
and a few other US brands that aren't so easy to get a hold off here in the UK.

A few weeks ago The Bath and Body Shop had a good few of the Halloween anti-bac hand pocket gels
and without a second thought I placed an order for each scent available so I could dole them out to loved ones, clean hands are a must!

Truthfully other than the added Halloween novelty element they aren't all that different to say the likes of Carmex hand gel but they do have fun little beads that you burst when you rub your hands together and despite having a strong alcohol scent there is the odd whiff of sweet Halloween candy type fragrances.
All in all fun but I probably won't be going back for the Christmas versions.

Like I said I picked these up from The Bath and Body Works shop and they cost me £2.10 each - link