I guess for some this may be a bizarre and perhaps awkward post to read
but I deem us all to be grown ups and wither we like it or not as women sanitary products
are something we will all need at some point or other in our lifes.
I'm aware I have some very young readers so my main aim in this post is not only to show you some
new products and features from Lil-Lets but to also take away some of the embarrassment.

Lil-lets offer a huge range of women's sanitary products all of which have had a make-over
and are now packaged in either cute little boxes that look much like tissue boxes or pretty little wash bags,
to further add to their prettiness each bag has a ribbon tie.
Not only do they look pretty and less obvious than other brands but they feature removable cardboard sleeves which only further remove them from screaming "hey everyone in the house i'm on my period!"

When I was younger the thing that mortified me the most about being a girl was the rustley papers 
that so many feminine hygiene products featured, well Lil-Lets have designed new whisper wrappers
that are so quiet and discreet that using a public bathroom will no longer be a problem.

Like I said Lil-Lets have launched lots of new products and by far the coolest and the thing I wish
was around when I was younger is the Teen starter pack which has all a girl will need and more,
each pack contains products that are designed smaller for smaller bodies and something every mum with a young teenage daughter may want to pick up for when it's time to have that talk but ladies be cooler than my Mum and don't giggle throughout the whole spiel...real mature maw!
With prices in the £3-£5 range it is affordable and you can even buy online via Lil-Lets too.

For more info such as stockist and even advice head over to the Lil-Lets website - link