In the past I had heard and read such wonderful things about Ojon hair care
but never got around to purchasing anything mainly because until about 6 months ago
I went to the hairdressers twice a week and got them to blow dry my then short and difficult to manage bob!
Now my hair is beyond my shoulders and far easier to style I have began investing in various hair care
items and the time has come to put the ever famous Ojon brand to the test.

As with most hair care brands Ojon cater to every hair type but for me there is only ever one option
and that is the most hydrating formula available and in Ojon's case that is the Dry Recovery range
which is aimed at dry/dehydrated hair to replenish and restore the hairs natural moisture levels.
What I like about Ojon is that the don't mess around with fancy packaging and keep it simple,
focusing on the products housed inside which is how it should always be in my opinion!
Both products within the Dry Recovery range are suitable for daily use and aim to add moisture
and shine without weighing down the hair with the aid of Coconut derived cleansers, Blue Agave Nectar,
Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Babassu oil and Ojon Oil which is a 500 year old secret.

Ojon Dry Recovery shampoo is a light yet highly moisturising shampoo that lathers up well,
leaving the hair feeling moisturised yet well cleansed which is all I can hope for.
As I have coloured hair, colour fade with hair care is often a worry but this shampoo is not harsh
and in my opinion ideal for colour treated hair.
The conditioner in the range is a highly moisturising formula that is just the right consistency - thick 
but not overly so, I have thick and now long hair and this does a wonderful job of adding hydration 
to my parched ends and helping to detangle my hair in the process again if you have colour treated hair
or perhaps are a little fond of bleaching your hair then this conditioner should be on your must have list.

Both products smell lovely and fresh with a slight floral/botanical scent and really do help to restore
dry and damaged hair and like I have said they are complete must haves for those who colour their
hair often!

Ojon Dry Recovery Hair Care Range* prices from £6-£28 via Ojon - link