This weekend I have been taking it pretty easy with lots of cat naps thanks to my medication,
it's a good job I don't operate heavy machinery or I'd be in serious bother!
Anyway it's only a week's course so I shouldn't complain as so many have it much worse
but I do feel that I have earned this pamper session slightly more than I usually do haha!

Like I said I'm going to take it easy but I will be hopefully adding a hint of colour to my hair
using the Natural Vital Colour Pack which is a henna based hint of a tint shampoo and colour treatment.
I'm not looking to change my hair colour just add a little depth and hopefully shine.

No fancy shower treatments this week but my skin on my legs and arms is so dried out and itchy as a result
so it calls for a good dose of E45 Intense Recovery Body Lotion which is one of the best
body lotions I have ever used for the odd little dry skin spell I tend to have in the winter months.

Lord knows my skin needs a little perk and for that I will be using Xen-Tan Ultra Dark Absoloute Luxe,
I agree that the title sounds scary but it really does leave my medium skin tone a lovely olive tan
shade that lasts for close to a week, pricey yes but worth every penny in my book.

I don't feel like a face mask this week...I normally look forward to a mask but this week I'm just not
feeling it so I'm going to skip my mask completley and treat my eyes to a little T.L.C
with both Liz Earle's Soothing Eye Lotion and Clinique All About Eyes Serum
which are my two must have eye products!

Much like my body my hands are also a little dry so I will be slathering them in Balance's Me
Rose Otto Hand Cream then painting both my paws and hoofs with Essies Chinchilly
which is the perfect transition shade in my opinion.

Not forgetting my candle choice which is oddly always my favourite part of any evening (saddo alert)
this week the honour goes to Bomb Cosmetics Sex on Fire candle which may have a bizarre title
but trust me it is a truly beautiful scent.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the weekend :)