Defying Gravity - Halloween Nail Wraps


If ever there was a time to sport spiders on your nails it is Halloween and the lead up to the event.
If like myself you aren't the best at nail art then the recent influx of nail wraps is the way forward.

Today I have a set of nail wraps from Hollywood Nail Designs to show you all
and not only does each nail wrap in this collection have a slightly different design
but the wraps are also 3D which in this case a mix of raised surfaces which give the effect of diamant├ęs 
on the nail without the worry of one or two failing off during the course of wear.

In my opinion nail wraps can be pretty hit and miss but luckily the HND nail wraps are thick
and really sticky (trust me you want that element) so they apply pretty easily but practise does make
perfect and I'm very much in the learning stages.
However even novices like myself will find these a breeze to apply and file down
but I do have to add that they aren't particularly long wearing and began to peel off after a days wear.

Who said funky Halloween nails had to be difficult?

HND Defying Gravity Nail Wraps* £5.50/pack of 20 via Nail Wrap UK - link


  1. They're so pretty! Might have to try some :) x

  2. I've come across so much halloween related NOTD's and yours got me gasping! Coming from someone who's not really crazy about nail of the day's, you have to pat yourself at the back for this beautiful blog post.

  3. These are so cool and halloween-y! Love the cobweb foil bits :) x

  4. Ahh those are gorgeous. I'm always hesitant to buy nail wraps, though, because I'm worried about their longevity :/

    - Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

  5. Those are really works of art!

  6. Love! I'm afraid I'd be a total spaz at doing my right hand tho! ;)



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