This is the little brow kit that many (myself included) have struggled to source,
it seems one they go on the shelves at Superdrug they sell out within minutes!
Bad times if you are an impatient beauty blogger (*cough cough* me *cough cough*)
but good times for the brows of the UK!

I do want to briefly praise the packaging as not only is it small (it fits inside one of my hands)
but it is completely practical with a large good quality mirror, a pair of tweezers (they are a little blunt
but would do the job for one or two stray hairs) and a duo ended stiff slanted brush.
Not only does it look great but it is sturdy and contains all you need for groomed brows
even if your grooming tends to take place on the back seat of the bus!

The MUA Pro Brow Kit contains two brow shades (two shades of brown), a matte highlighter
a setting wax and of course the applicator and tweezers.
The idea is that you either use one of the brow shades or mix to create a custom blend, apply then go over
the brows with the setting gel to set and then using the light matte shade highlight the brow bone for lift.
The shades are well pigmented but do tend to produce a substantial amount of powder fall out
but they apply with ease and blend into the skin without any problems and once set with the gel
they do wear for around 8 hours before I noticed any signs of fading.

My only gripe with this kit is that it only comes in one colour family, which don't get me wrong
is more than fine if you have brunette brows or even those with fair brows (you can use the highlight option
to fill in your brows) but should you have really dark hair this kit would be useless.
That being said I would bet money on MUA eventually releasing other colour options as they are
pretty on the ball and forever releasing new and often innovative products!

All in all a great little brow kit and for £3.50 it is hard to beat!

MUA Pro Brow Kit * £3.50 and is available from selected Superdrug stores 
and the MUA online store - link