I know, I know we are barely into Autumn yet here I am teasing you with the promise of neon polishes
and hopefully if we are really lucky some sun shine, a long trip to sunnier climes wouldn't go a miss either!

Anyway April 2013 sees China Glaze launch their summer collection which if I am being truthful
is pretty similar to the last two summer launches by the brand.
Perhaps when swatches begin to surface their will be a stand out shade but at the moment in my humble
opinion it is a little samey but I guess there is only so much you can do with neon shades?

The 12 shades are as follows:

Are You Jelly? - Bold Purple (Jelly)
Bottoms Up - Pink with a Purple Kick (Crème)
Heat Index - Neon Hot Pink (Jelly)
Highlight Of My Summer - Bright Mint Green (Crème)
Isle See You Later - Neon Blue (Jelly)
Keepin’ it Teal - Bright Turquoise (Jelly)
Neon & On & On - Neon Pink (Crème)
Shell-O - Neon Coral (Jelly)
Sun of a Peach - Neon Orange (Crème)
That’s Shore Bright - Light Lilac Purple (Crème)
Too Yacht to Handle - Bright Aqua (Crème)
You Drive Me Coconuts - Neon Raspberry (Jelly)