I think it is fair to say that most of us when given the chance wouldn't pass up longer, thicker eyelashes?

"Queen Eyelash Cream is a unique and classic Queen product created back in the 1930s. 
It really is a tiny pot of wonder! It can be used when you don't want to wear mascara but want to define your lashes a little or, even better, for conditioning lashes to prevent dryness and breakages or to help repair dry, damaged lashes. 
Some of our customers also use it to keep eyebrows neat and glossy-looking."

Over the last month I have been applying a thin coat of Queen Eyelash cream before going to bed
not really to help them grow but more for the conditioning aspect as my eyelashes can be a little
sparse at times which really is my own fault.

I don't feel cream is the right term for this product as it is certainly more of a balm,
with a thick and slightly oily texture, to apply I simply warm a little of the product using my 
fingertips them lightly apply it along my lash line working down to the tips of my lashes.
I can't really see the appeal of using this as a mascara as it leaves the eyelashes looking slightly 
wet but it certainly moisturises them which over time has resulted in less of my eyelashes falling out
due to dryness and as they are sticking around for a little longer I am convinced that they appear
longer but that could be my imagination.
As this is a clear balm like product you can also use it to tame unruly brows etc.

Queen Eyelash Cream* £10.25/12ml - link