As soon as MUA popped up a sneak preview of the Nail Constellations a few weeks ago
many a beauty fan swooned and simply had to put a few shades at the top of their wish list.
I was lucky enough to be sent a few shades to review but Leo was the shade that spoke to me 
the loudest and is the one I want to share!

"Be inspired by the stars and get creative with your nails!"

Micro bead manicures are nothing new with many nail brands offering their spin on the look
but I do feel that kudos has to go to MUA as they have cleverly packaged their nail beads
for ease of use which I'm sure most if not all of us can appreciate.
The nail constellations come presented within a small glass jar with a long rubber spout that dispenses 
the beads, which let me tell you is much more straight forward than the previous dunking method.

MUA currently offer five space themed kits: Scorpio, Pieces, Leo, Gemini and Libra.
Truth be told Libra is the most beautiful out of the five options with Leo being a close runner up,
well in my opinion any way!
Leo is a mix of aqua and magenta metallic beads that reminds me slightly of Barney the Dinosaur
but it is really pretty of the nails regardless if you recall Barney or not.

To apply you simply slick on a coat of nail polish and using a bowl or something of that nature,
hold your hand above the container and gently squeeze the beads over the wet polish.
Allow to dry and then apply a coat of clear polish to seal the beads.
It can be a little messy but it is oodles of fun and does give a startling effect to the nails
with very little effort but I do find wear time to be fairly minimal as the beads do have a tendency
to flake off throughout the day.

MUA Nail Constellations in Leo* £3/15g and is available from selected Superdrug stores
and of course via the MUA store - link