Fellow Wizard of Waverly Place fans (and/or Selena Gomez fans) rejoice as Selena Gomez has
teamed up with Nicole for O.P.I to launch a range of 14 polishes (the couple that create polish together
stay together eh?) which will launch in the US/Canada in Janauary 2013.
At the moment there is no news if this collection will hit UK shores but as the Karadashian line
is still being flogged on ASOS I would say there is a good chance that come next Spring they will 
also stock this collection, if not there is always eBay etc.

Selena - light peach
Heavenly Angel - iridescent glitter
Hit the Lights - bright yellow
Confetti Fun - mixed glitter
Love Song - lilac
Kissed at Midnight - gold glitter
Naturally - light pink
Mi Fantasia - purple and aqua glitter
Spring Break -  hot pink
Stars at Night  - silver glitter
Pretty in Plum - plum
Scarlett - shimmer based red-violet
Sweet Dreams - violet teal glitter
Inner Sparkle - light pink glitter