I'm sure some will see this a cop out from my usual Monday Make Your Own posts
but I think we all look for ways to save a little money here and there and as so many of us
own and use Yankee Candles I thought this thrifty style post may come in handy to some?

Basically all I did was clean up two empty large Yankee candle jars,
a little tip is to strike while the wax is still hot, I quickly scoop out the wick then pour the hot wax
on to layers of old newspaper before using an old piece of cloth to remove any traces of hot wax behind.
Once that is done I soak them in hot soapy water for around half an hour or so before removing
and peeling off the labels then drying them completely.

To keep your brushes upright you may need some type of anchor product,
for this I have used loose white and black sequins which I bought in a huge bag from my local pound shop.
I admit that they don't work with my lounge decor but I am redecorating my room and my scheme
does feature black and white rather heavily.
You could of course also use the jars without any stuffing as such to store loose cotton balls etc
as this style of candle does come with a lid?

Hopefully this little post won't have been too dull and inspire some to keep their empty
candle jars and re-use them for something else!