For the longest time I was forever the lipstick bandit collecting them as I merrily went my way
but recently I have been finding myself more attracted to base products mostly foundation
and primers so do expect to see quite a few posts of both varieties over the coming weeks.
To kick things off I'd like to share a new foundation I have been testing.
Say hello to CK One 3 in 1 Face Make-Up!

Visually I adore the packaging, a mix of black and white with a little glass accent so you can see the
colour of the product house inside but I do have to admit that I hate that the black accents on the bottle are in fact rubber much like NARS packaging and we all know how much that loves dirt/fingerprints.
However being rubberised should help to protect the glass bottle and prevent breakages.
CK One 3 in 1 Face Make-Up comes with a pump function to prevent waste/mess.

"This distinctive liquid synthesizes serum, primer and face make-up into one simple, weightless formula. Triple-treated pigment technology mimics skin for an effortlessly natural, radiant finish. 
No compromise on skin perfecting coverage. Antioxidants protect skin, lasting up to 11 hours."

CK One 3 in 1 Face Make-Up comes in 8 shades - light to moderately deep,
I have a mid toned shade 300 Sand which is a great match for my NC35 skin
and I find it to have a yellow undertone which isn't always easy to source.
As the product is a three in one you can skip both primer and a moisturiser should you wish
but I do not advise that if you have really dry skin in terms of moisturiser and if like myself you
do have oily skin then you may want to use a little primer for re-assurance
but it is certainly moisturising in the same sense a serum would be - light and not heavy on the skin.
It also has an SPF of 8, low but it is better than nothing at all.

This is a light liquid foundation that offers mid-full coverage and settles to a semi matte finish
which looks completely natural and does cover my acne scarring without added concealer.
However I do find it to cling a little to any dry patches and slides a little when not set with powder
but my oily skin is partly to blame for this happening.
I found CK One 3 in 1 Face Make-Up easily applied be it with a brush, fingertips or sponge
and comfortable to wear with a little slip and slide throughout the day but it did not contribute
to the excess oil on my t-zone etc nor did it highlight any imperfections such as my large pores.
When set with powder it wears for around 8 hours before signs of wear begin to show.
Essentially this is not the best foundation for my skin type but I do feel that those with normal
skin will benefit from this foundation!

CK One 3 in 1 Face Make-Up* £25/30ml via Debenhams - link