It was just this morning that I posted a wish list and in said list of wants was Maybelline Color Tattoo 
24hr Eyeshadow in Pink Gold, well a little later on I was in Morrisons (Supermarket) helping
with the weekly shop and saw that they had one Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in Pink Gold would be rude not to buy it surely?

The packaging is very akin to the Mac Paint Pots - transparent thick jar with a screw on black lid.
I'm not entirely sure if the jar is plastic or glass but either way it is sturdy and does the job
just ensure you keep the lid firmly screwed on in order to not allow the product to dry out.
I do think the packaging is misleading as the base acts like a magnifying glass,
giving the illusion that there is more product than the 4g's...sneaky!

Pink Gold is the most beautiful shade in the Color Tattoo line up of you ask me (no-one did),
at the moment I have no idea if it is limited edition or not but do suggest snapping one up regardless.
Pink Gold is of course a mix of pink and gold but this particular shade is fairly cool in tone
and translates to almost mauve when on the skin, you can use it in the typical sense as an eyeshadow
or slick a little on your cheeks for a really pretty Autumn/Winter blush.
I have no grumbles in terms of pigmentation and can assure you that this shade will
translate well in terms of colour pay off on any skin tone.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadows share more than packaging in common with Mac Paint Pots!
The formula is also very similar - a solid cream eyeshadow that melts with contact of the skin.
Personally I use this kind of product as an eyeshadow base but they can be utilized 
as an all over wash of colour, an eye liner and of course as a base as I mentioned
and in the case of Pink Gold a blush too...not bad for £5!
I have of course not had a chance to properly test this shade out but as the formula seems to be identical
to any other Maybelline Color Tattoo's I have relied on past experience to give you an estimate of wear time.
In the past I wore the formula for 12 around hours before I experienced any creasing,
the idea of wearing make-up for 24 hours is not appealing to me but I do want to stress that the Maybelline Color Tattoos are very long wearing all the while being light and comfortable on the skin and a great pocket friendly alternative to Mac Paint Pots not to mention they do have a good shade range too!

The new Pink Gold shade by Maybelline has yet to creep online but I have seen slots (albeit empty)
for it at most Maybelline stands, £4.99/4g