Wishing on a star!

One of the most requested types of posts I seem to get is something a little more personal
and chatty...a break from reviews if you will.
Okay this post isn't exactly a day in my life but it is a little insight to what i'm lusting after currently
and a tad more personal than I normally do!
I do enjoy other peoples wish list posts so hopefully you will like browsing my beauty wish list?

1, £48 is a lot of money to hand over for an eye palette but Bobbi Brown's Twilight Palette
is pretty much prying the money out of my tightly gripped hands.
I don't need it but that is not making the process any easier.

2, One of my friends recently wore Topshop's AWOL on her nails and I have been on 
a mission to track down a bottle my local Topshop doesn't have this shade in presently 
so I am thinking of placing an online order and perhaps sneaking in the shade Brazil too - link.

3, Nars Outlaw blush has been haunting my dreams since promotional photos popped up on various blogs,
I have tried talking myself out of the purchase telling myself I have plenty of similar shades
in my stash yet I can not shake this shade off!

4, Annoyingly I have found empty slots for Maybellines Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows in Rose Gold
but have yet to find any store that actually has one to purchase.
I will more than likely use it as a blush but none the less I would like to be able to source one!

5, Sigma brushes are such great quality and I particularly like that they do travel friendly kits
like the Make Me Classy Essential Kit the only thing that is holding me back from this purchase
is the fact that MAC are releasing their holiday brush kits next month and I think I'd rather have those.

6,Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto perfume is not a scent I would normally go 
for but it is a beautiful fruity yet floral scent that I have loved upon first sniff!

7, As a huge fan of both matte lips and Bobbi Brown I will count it as a travesty if I do not
get my paws on at least one of the Creamy Matte Lipsticks by Bobbi Brown.
The shade I have my eye on is Tawny Pink which is a great everyday shade,
a mix of pink and brown that isn't too nude!