I am ever jealous of those who have red hair and it would be just my luck that I am slightly allergic
to red hair pigments...sigh!

Much like having a dark hair colour dry shampoo can often be troublesome as it can leave behind
a white cast on the hair regardless of how well you apply and massage the product into the hair.

Well those clever folk at Batiste have recently launched a speciality dry shampoo just for red haired beauties
(there is already two versions for dark hair), that not only refreshes the hair as well as masking any oily roots
in-between washes but features a slight red tone that blends into red hair but could also help those
who colour their hair red to disguise any tell tale signs of re-growth due to the tinted formula.

I have dark hair which is almost black so I can't show you this in action but I have sprayed a little
on to paper to show you the tone of the tint - a fairly bright red with a hint of copper
and can vouch that it has a light fresh floral scent that is slightly milder than some of the other Batiste
dry shampoos I have tried in the past!

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Red Hair* 200ml/£2.50 via Boots - link
but is also available in selected UK Supermarkets and Superdrug stores.