I wasn't sure if posting about the Marilyn Monroe lipsticks was wise or not as they have now sold out
online via MAC's web store but as they are still available in some stores and I have yet to check the other
department stores websites so there is still some hope for those looking to snap up a few.

Much like the blushes in this collection the packaging is glossy with an exclusive print of Marilyn Monroe,
some have grumbled about the image not being iconic but I think it gives MAC a slight edge
that they have went with something less known, let's face it there is only so many times
you can see the Some Like it Hot image without growing tired of it.
Aesthetics aside the case serves the purpose and other than the odd cremesheen lipstick melting in the heat
I have never encountered any problems with MAC lipsticks or their packaging.  

MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Charmed I'm Sure (Matte)

Charmed I'm Sure has been the shade that I have saw so many people talk about
and it happened to be one of the first shades to sell out, not much surprise there!
Charmed I'm Sure is listed as a dark true red and this is indeed true, it also has a slight blue tone
but nothing that any one should be concerned about as it is such a classic shade it should suit most
and I do deem it to be a great Autumn/Fall shade albeit a collectors edition.
This is a matte shade so it can be a little drying but it is really opaque
and as the shade is fairly deep it wears for around 4 hours before signs of fading appear,
even then it will leave a stain...yay for prolonged wear!

MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Deeply Adored (Matte)

You'd be forgiven for assuming that this is a plum shade (MAC's swatches depict it that way)
but it is in fact closer to their description a deep Scarlett only I would add that it has a slight
brown tone not enough to turn it into a plum shade but it is there.
Again this has a slight blue tone and a matte finish, it is every bit the old school Hollywood glamour 
shade and one that I do feel nearly everyone could sport with ease.
Much like Charmed I'm Sure this is opaque with one clean swipe and wears similarly too.
I do think this shade would look great on those with darker skin tones particularly!

MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Love Goddess (Satin)

If you are looking for a shade to help you transition into wearing red lipstick Love Goddess 
is the way to go as it is a mid toned pink red that truthfully is more pink than red
but as it has a slight red tone it does have plenty of drama, in a sense I would sum this up as a watermelon pink, not exactly a Autumnal shade but hey rules are there to be broken.
This a satin shade so it is slightly less drying than the matte formula but has all the pigmentation
of the other shades only with a slight sheen finish.

MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Pure Zen (Cremesheen)

If you couldn't get your hands on this shade there is no need to worry as this is a shade
within the permanent collection albeit without the Marilyn packaging.
This is listed as a warm frosted nude which sounds pretty disgusting but as the frost does not translate
on to the lips you are only left with a warm creamy nude finish that is actually rather flattering.
I rather like this nude shade as it doesn't wash me out or leave my lips looking corpse like
but just a light pretty nude based pink.
I do recommend this shade to all those who like nude based pinks.
This formula isn't as pigmented but it is more moisturising and wears on me for close to three hours.

MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Scarlett Ibis (Matte)

This was the shade I simply had to have from the moment online swatches began to crop up.
Scarlett Ibis is listed as listed as a reddened orange shade and again a matte formula.
To me this is pretty similar to MAC's Lady Danger so you may want to skip if you already own it.
In my opinion this shade works best on medium to dark skin tones especially those with warm tones
to their skin but that is just my opinion.
This wears just as the other matte shades did.

Did you pick up any of the Marilyn Monroe lipsticks?