Would I be right in saying that the Marilyn Monroe MAC collection was the most eagerly anticipated
collection from MAC and perhaps for some the most wanted collection of the year?
I knew it was launching on either the 1st or 2nd of October and made it my mission to get
the products I have been lusted over for the last three months or so.
It really was a case of you snooze you loose as most of the lipstick shades were gone before 24 hours 
had passed...I heard it was even sooner in the US/Canada?

I'm sure most will have saw glimpses of the packaging by now but in case you weren't aware
the photos used on the packaging were unreleased images and rumour has it MAC paid a pretty
penny or two to secure the exclusivity rights for such photos.
I like the packaging, I don't love it as I do feel the super shiny black plastic casing cheapens
the look a little but hey ho that's life and the last time I checked I wasn't a designer haha!
However I do adore the little hidden kiss image in the inside of the boxes that is a lovely extra touch.
Other than that the packaging is very typical of a MAC blush - round, plastic flip top with a
transparent window to see the shade inside which more than does the job.

MAC Marilyn Monroe Blush in The Perfect Cheek

The Perfect Cheek is described as a perfect neutral pink and I do agree to some extent
as it is a really pretty natural slightly yellow tinged pink that does lean slightly brown in some lights.
The perfect part is the exaggeration as it is only really good for light to medium skin tones
as it will more than likely turn ashen on deeper tones.
The colour pay off is moderate, it shows up with ease but not so much that those with a heavy hand
need to worry, it blends and layers up nicely and is comfortable on the skin.
The Perfect Cheek is a matte shade which works well with any minor skin imperfections
as it does not highlight them in any way making it a great option for enlarged pores,
I also find matte shades to wear slightly better on my oily skin but that could be my imagination.
Typically a MAC blush wears around 7-8 hours on my skin when primed.

MAC Marilyn Monroe Blush in Legendary

I'm one of those people that can't really pass up a coral lip or cheek product so it will come of
little surprise that Legendary make it into my online shopping basket!
Legendary is listed as pale soft coral and that is very true but to elobrate a little further
it is neutral with a strong yellow undertone with next to no pink tones until applied, 
I think it would make a great shade for light skin tones but it is perhaps a little to pale 
for medium to dark tones and can look chalky.
The pigmentation isn't as great with this shade but I do feel that this was aimed at light skin tones
and anything more pigmented would overwhelm such skin tones.
This is a satin formula which means it has a slight shimmer finish but not so much that
it highlights any faults or anything like that.
You can of course layer this product up but I don't really advise it as it turns ashen fairly quickly
but do investigate this if you have a lovely light skin tone and want a soft staple blush.

A hit and a miss for me in terms of colour but that is just the way the cookie crumbles,
was I the only one hoping for a red blush or is that just my inner Coco the Clown doing the talking?

MAC Marilyn Monroe Blushes 6g/£19 each via MAC - link