Saturday, October 27, 2012

butterLONDON Nail Lacquer in Fash Pack - Review

So I have finally dipped my toe into the butterLONDON pool of nail lacquers
and I think I may have created a monster, what was meant to only be a one polish purchase
ended up as a five polish splurge as I simply couldn't settle on just one shade...oops!

"An edgy and unusual coloured taupe nail lacquer often described as putty-meets-mushroom. Sounds strange and wrong, but somehow it works, like deep fried Mars bars (an actual English delicacy*)."

One of the shades I picked up is Fash Pack, a slightly muddy brown shade that has a purple tone
and can be compared to quite a few polishes out there, including a famous Chanel shade.
Although Fash Pack may not be the most original shade it is really flattering and great for everyday
wear and perfect for those that want muted nails but do not enjoy fully nude tones.

butterLONDON polishes is a 3 free company (no formaldehyde, tolune or DBP...nope no clue what any
of those things are) and have one of the best brushes around in my opinion - long and narrow, which is
a blessing when you have annoyingly small nail beds.
The formula is not to be sniffed at either, two quick coats and you have full opaque coverage that
dries quickly too!

butterLONDON Fash Pack Nail Lacquer 11ml/£12 via butterLONDON - link

*Sorry londonBUTTER but a deep fried Mars Bar is actually a Scottish delicacy.
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  1. Gorgeous colour, I love the gold flecks in it! xx

  2. Beautiful color. I have never tried this brand of polish before.

  3. This is even prettier than the Chanel shade in my opinion. I love the bit of sparkle it has going on! Beautiful shade. xx

  4. Lovely colour, really need to try out some of their polishes x

  5. this is so stunning! love the gold shimmer running through it :)

  6. I didn't even realize fash pack had shimmer! Now I have to add that to my never ending want list.

  7. This is super pretty! A really funky way to do a nude nail

  8. I must say i am little bit disappointed that the gold shimmer doesn't show through more but it remains a truly gorgeous colour all the same. wow!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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