I'm sorry to use the most over used Game of Thrones (I'm addicted to the books) quote ever
but "Winter is coming" and you may be searching for a good lip balm.
In all truthfulness I am a Carmex girl through and through but as my friend kindly pointed out
it is time to stop ramming that little yellow pot down everyone's throats and share a few other lip
balms that rock my boat!

"Harsh winds, frosty mornings and strong sunlight all contribute to dry or chapped lips. 
Keep lips well moisturised at all times to minimise damage and drink plenty of water. 
Fine lines and wrinkles appear around the lips later in life, and smoking can exaggerate these lines."

This balm is jam packed with lip loving ingredients such as refreshing peppermint and is enriched with passionflower oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E to soften and condition the lips.
Elemis Fresh Skin Quenching Lip Balm is a light balm that has a minty scent (to me it smells identical to After Eight mints) that instantly moisturises the lips as well as soothing any chapped patches.
My only gripe is it feels a little greasy and gloss like on the lips which is not something I personally enjoy
but there is no denying that it does all it says it will and can also be used as a gloss over a matte lipstick.

If you have struggled finding a balm to repair chapped and dry lips this is certainly worth a try
as it smells delightful and is great for soothing and moisturising the lips on the go!

Elemis Fresh Skin Quenching Lip Balm* £8/10ml - link