I think we all know that I enjoy a good pampering session and as sad as it may seem I often look forward 
to a Sunday so I can raid my beauty stash for a good ol' pamper!

Tonight I am going to use Vo5's Moisture Soak Elixir which is the best hair shower treatment ever
and that is no exaggeration, basically you apply to wet hair and leave for a few minutes before rinsing out,
then shampoo and conditioning as normal...it is a must have for dry hair!

While I'm in the shower I am going to indulge a little with Avon's Dream Therapy Shower Gel
which unsurprisingly is a product aimed at promoting a good evening of sleep.
No pun intended it is dreamy!

My body moisturiser this week is Jergens Original Beauty Lotion which not only hydrates my skin
but absorbs within seconds and in its wake leaves the most yummy cherry almond scent...yum!

Once again I'm doing the 3 step facial mask ( I like to call it a kick ass facial...or should that be kick face?
In fact no kicking!) and will be trying out Elemis Fresh Skin masks one of which aims to deep cleanse
and the other is a deeply moisturising. I have high hopes for this combo as the Fresh Skin range is aimed
at young skin (teens to early twenties) that struggles with blemishes.
To finish the process I will be using a little Balance Me Face Moisturiser.

At the moment I just can't get enough of Nails Inc Baker Street, it is the most amazing electric blue
and a shade I wish I had bought sooner!
So both my manicure and pedicure will be a bright striking blue this coming week and I can not wait!

Last but not least in the wax burner in will pop Yankee Storm Watch which is a great fresh rainy day scent.

Have a great Sunday everyone :)