I'm sure many will know by now that I am a huge sucker for candles and wax tarts,
well today I want to share some well scented wax tarts that not only scent the home
with ease but are so cute that I think you will find it hard to pass up on a few!

Country Home Scents have a vast array of wax tarts all with various scents but I think
as it is starting to get cooler many of us will be looking for warm, comforting scents to snuggle up with?
I get up to three uses with each tart, yes I does feel almost sacrilegious cutting them up
but needs must!

Almond Cherry Amaretto
This is quite literally my favourite scent by Country Home Scents and I bought 30!
It is the perfect blend of Almond and Cherry with a little boozy hit that helps warm the house.
This is quite a strong scent and fills my entire house with a rich cherry aroma within an hour.
I do highly recommend this scent and it is one I will be stocking up on.

Apple Harvest
I'm not the hugest fan of spicy scents but I do adore anything apple based,
this tart is the perfect blend of apple and spice for me as the apple is the top note
with the light spices being the base notes, if you like Bath and Body Works Leaves candle
then I know you will love this too!

Caramelised Praline
To me this smells like Starbucks/Costa Coffee stores...odd comparison I know.
This is a rich creamy scent with a slight nutty kick, this is one of the lighter scents
and does leave me feeling hungry haha!

Honey Butter
I have to be truthful and say I loathe Honey scents but as this is Honey Butter
this is more of a warm butter cookie scent.
Imagine the scent of sweet Danish butter cookies and you have the idea.

Mom's Apple Pie
If you love Apple Pie then you will adore this as it smells pretty much identical to freshly baked apple pie
all that is missing is the custard!
Again this is a strong apple based scent that gains it's warm notes from a little kick of cinnamon
very much like the dessert...not one to burn when on a diet that is for sure haha!

Toasty Marshmallow
First of all how cute is the little marshmallow decoration? And yes it is a real marshmallow!
As you can imagine this is a creamy, indulgent scent that has chocolate, sugar and milk notes
pretty much what you would expect from a hot cup of coco with a little marshmallow to boot.

Country Home Scents is an American company but my order arrived well packed
and within 10 days of me placing my order, if you fancy checking out some of the other tarts
they do have a website as well as an Etsy store - link