The one thing I look forward to every Autumn is digging out my deep nail polishes
and coating my nails in various hues of plum, purple and should the mood take me black.
However I do find that sometimes black polishes can be a little dull and lack lustre 
so today I have found a great spin on the typical black shade that will see you through
Autumn and beyond (in my opinion it almost has a Halloween appeal too!).

You my have noticed that recently Barry M have launched a new range of glitter nail paints
which form the Jewel collection, all in there is 7 shades so far I have reviewed 4 shades link and link
but I do feel I have saved the best for last!
Barry M Gold Mine is a black base which is loaded with medium bright gold glitter flecks,
to me it almost looks like a dark night sky scattered with tiny twinkly stars.
Whether you can see that or not it is undeniably a pretty shade that is a great twist
on a standard black polish.

In my photos I have applied two coats which I deem to be opaque,
it certainly needs at least two coats as the first coat does apply pretty patchy and is weak in colour
but you can of course choose to layer it over other shades for various effects.
Over a bright red you get a deep maroon effect with of course the golden glitter and
over a medium blue it becomes navy which looks glorious with the gold accent.
In my other posts a few have asked how troublesome it is remove this and the other shades
and truthfully I don't find them to be any more problematic than a typical glitter polish.

Barry M Jewel Glitter Paint in Gold Mine £2.99 is available from selected Boots and Superdrug stores
and of course Barry M's web store - link