When I first saw Stila One Step begin to pop up on the bloggersphere I recall thinking it was
very pretty (three pastel shades swirled in a helix form what's not to like) 
and deciding it wasn't for me, although I don't have the best skin in the world my skin tone is pretty even -
yay for small miracles and that is essentially what One Step is, a colour correcting serum.
Well that was all fine and dandy until I tried it!

Despite being a colour corrector Stila One step has other amazing properties it is a light moisturising serum
that not only hydrates but also perks up the skin giving you a brighter complexion as well as minimising 
fine line and pores and helping to control excess oil...not bad for one product huh?

If like myself you were wondering what the purpose of having three shades of pretty pastels swirled in
one bottle : Green minimises redness, Lavender counteracts sallow tones and Peach is the illuminating
tone that also aids any sun spots.

You can use this serum in which ever way you see fit - as a base before make-up, on it's own to brighten
and even your complexion or as a daily moisturiser.
I use it as a base as it has a light texture which adds a little hydration to my skin but not so much that it
is overwhelmed, it brightens up my complexion and settles to a velvet finish which is great for applying 
make-up on top off.
As for the minimising pores and oil control well let's just say the jury is out on that at the moment
but I can say that it doesn't add to the already existing problems which in it's own right is a plus
point as far as I'm concerned.

Stila One Step* £24/30ml via Selfridges - link