Stop the press there is a new bath and body range by Bubbles & Butters Company
which is inspired by all things truly scrumptious such as Mango, Chocolate and Strawberries
all products in the range are designed to nourish and are suitable for vegans and cruelty free.

Firstly I do feel the packaging is something you will either love or loathe, for me it is fun,
quirky and unlike anything else I have in my bathroom so for that reason alone it is a winner in my opinion
but I do feel that that this collective is angled at a younger audience.

In the Bubbles & Butters Company line up there is four products: Bath Bubbles, Lip Butters, 
Shower Bubbles and Body Butters all of which come in three yummy scent options -
Mango, Chocolate and Strawberry being a huge Mango fiend I couldn't pass up the opportunity
to review a few items from the Mango collective - Feeling Hot Hot Hot Mango
Truthfully the Mango scent that fragrances the products from Bubbles & Butters Company
does veer a little artificial and is rather sweet but I rather enjoy it as it is a bright fruity scent
that is a wonderful pick me up especially now the weather is particularly foul!

So on to the products...

Bubbles & Butters Company Feeling Hot Hot Hot Mango Bath Bubbles* £6

As you may know I am slightly deprived ( I kid) and don't have a bath just a stupid, stupid shower...
bitter me? Never! So I couldn't really test this product out myself and gifted it to my sister who
has reported back saying that it produces oodles of soft mango bubbles that are milder in fragrance
than you would imagine as the initial scent is fairly strong.
She said it was a lovely treat and did not dry out her skin in the slightest but the jar/pot style packaging
did make pouring product into the water a little troublesome and messy.

Bubbles & Butters Company Feeling Hot Hot Hot Mango Body Butter* £6

If you are a fan of thick yet easily applied and absorbed body butters then look no further,
Bubbles & Butters Company Feeling Hot Hot Hot Mango Body Butter is a thick and luxurious
body moisturiser that has a creamy almost yoghurt type scent that moisturises a treat
without being greasy or leaving behind any yucky residue.
It leaves the skin lightly scented, well hydrated and even works well on troublesome areas 
such as knees, elbows and heels.
The packaging style works well with this product and I have no complaints other than it smells
good enough to eat haha!

Bubbles & Butters Company Feeling Hot Hot Hot Mango Lip Butter* £2

This is such a cute little pot of balm and one I can imagine to be a conversation piece
when you pull it out to use.
I know balms that are applied by the fingers don't always go down well but I personally have no issues,
I keep my hands clean and don't share lip balms and can't say I've ever had any problems
but each to their own - if it does irk you why not try using a lip brush?
The Feeling Hot Hot Hot Mango Lip Butter is quite thick and does require a little warming
with the finger tips before application but once on it is a light but hydrating balm that has a light
Mango taste/scent with a slight sheen effect.
I would like to stress that this is not a medicated balm so it will not heal cracked lips etc.

For more information visit the Bubbles & Butters web site - link
and you can purchase from Tesco Beauty Concept Stores and online at