Most of us neglect our feet unless it is sandal season but if you put a little time aside once a week
trust me your poor tootsies will thank you for you it.
Today I have a few items from Carnation Footcare who have been taking care of the nations feet 
for 85 years to share with you.

Carnation Footcare Pediroller £9.48*

This nifty little devices works by simply placing on the ground and rolling it back and forth using your foot,
not only can it help to ease ache and pains as well as tired feet but also boost circulation in both the feet 
and legs, you can also freeze the Pediroller for added relief.
A great device for those who find themselves on their feet all day!

Carnation Exfoliating Foot Scrub £3.36*

Foot scrubs need to be a little more gritty to really buff and remove dead/dry/hard skin from
the feet, this scrub fits the bill nicely and not only removes dead and dry skin but moisturises
to due to the Apricot Seed addition.
A really great scrub for the price and it is almost scent free so wonderful for sensitive noses.

Carnation Fresh Foot, Foot Spray £3.83*

Not only does this spray deodorise the feet and not in the typical mint scent this one is floral based
but it also dries the feet too!
If you find a pair of shoes rubbing you can spray your feet with this and it will help not only soothe
the feet but act as a barrier preventing further rubbing.

Carnation Tip Toes Invisible Gel Cushions £4.58*

If you wear high heeled shoes you really should own at least one pair of these gel cushions
as they are a complete god send once the balls of your feet begin to ache from sky scrapper heels.
You simply pop them into the shoes as you would any insole and reap the benefits of added gel comfort,
i'm not going to fib to you and say that they make all shoes super comfortable but they certainly 
take the edge off!

Carnation Anti-Blister Stick £4.08*

We have all had a pair of new shoes that are super pretty yet they pinch terribly or they rub
and result in a blister, well this nifty little stick not only soothes existing blisters or sore patches
of skin but can also prevent a blister forming.
Should you feel your shoes rub or pinch apply this balm directly to the area that is causing you
issues and hey presto!

You can purchase Carnation Footcare items from Boots and selected Pharmacies.