Okay so we aren't quite in the midst of Autumn/Winter just yet
but trust me it is coming and I don't know about you but I simply dread washing my face 
in the morning when Jack Frost is knocking at the door!
Well if that is something you also dread you may want to invest in St Ives Warming Scrub.

St Ives Warming Scrub is a gentle but effective facial scrub that warms on contact with water.
I did worry that it may burn or sting my skin but can report that the warming sensation is gentle
and warms slightly without any problems.
Another issue I was worried about before testing this was the scent, warming products tend to be spice
scented and that is not something I enjoy, this however has a light floral scent which is based on
Sunflower and Chamomile extracts.

The concept is that by warming the skin, the pores open up and allow the scrub to cleanse
in a more effective manner removing dirt and oil.
St Ives Warming Scrub is a really thick scrub that contains little micro beads,
due to it being thick it is quite difficult to dispense from the tube but balm like when on the skin.
I can't use a scrub daily my skin just goes a little crazy but this does go cleanse really thoroughly
and when testing I couldn't help but think this would be a great addition to anyone's cleansing routine
that wears heavy foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear etc) as it really does remove every scrap
of dirt, oil, grime and make-up!

Overall a great facial scrub and one that is worth investing in for the chilly weather ahead.

St Ives Warming Scrub* £3.99/125ml and is available from Boots, Superdrug
and selected Supermarkets.