Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fyrinnae Lip Lustres - Review

Recently I have been exploring Indie cosmetic brands as I'm a curious creature
and as Fyrinnae's eyeshadow's are truly amazing I couldn't resist trying a few of their Lip Lustres.

"Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres are not like lip gloss. This product is a non-sticky lip colour, leaving moisturising colour on your lips but no gloopy tackiness. Most shades are made to be relatively opaque, though some can be applied lightly over lipstick as a highlight or over balm as a sheer tint. They are a rather "dry" product because we pack as much colour into them as possible, but the ingredients are not drying. Lustres have a light vanilla scent."

What I truly adore about most Indie brands is that they offer sample sized products
which is great if you are as fickle as myself and/or hate ordering things via the internet
as you can never truly gauge what a shade will be like until you hold it in your hands.
For samples Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres are so well packaged and dare I say it cute?
Each sample Lip Lustre is presented within a small plastic tube complete with a die foot applicator.

As this is my first tango with the Lip Lustres I only bought three shades:

Dragon's Blood

"Dragon's Blood is a deep, rich, cool matte maroon-red, inspired by the vampy lipsticks of the 1920s. Can be applied as a lighter "berry stain" shade over balm."

I was completely sold by the description as lame as it may be but one of my favourite films EVER
is the movie adaptation of Chicago the musical and I'm pretty much obsessed with achieving a
deep vintage red lip every now and then and this fits the bill perfectly.
If you are looking for the most beautiful deep red yet comfortble matte lip shade for Autumn/Fall
then look no further!

Sweetest Poison 

"Sweetest Poison is a brilliant true shimmering red filled with microfine red glitter. 
Due to large amount of sparkle, it may have a slight gritty texture."

I actually bought this shade on a whim but it is a really pretty true red with a slight blue undertone.
In some lights this shade can actually appear metallic due to the glitter that is present
but do not worry the glitter is so fine that it does not irritate the lips nor feel gritty!
I think I may have found my Christmas Day Red...that's so a real thing!

Visual Kei

"Visual Kei is a very bright pink, nearly matte, with a very slight shimmer." 

Ever since MAC launched Candy Yum Yum last year I have pretty much been consumed
with neon pink lip products and this is a great addition to my already hefty bold pink line up.
This is a bright, bold pink that packs more than a punch in terms of pigmentation
and again has a slight blue undertone.

General Notes

Despite being rather thick in texture and matte in finish the lip lustres are extremely comfortable
to wear and feel moisturising rather than drying on the lips.
The wear exceptionally well with each application generally lasting close to four hours
before signs of wear creep in but as the three shades I tested tend to stain the lips
and fade in an even manner wear time wasn't really an issue.
All in all these are fabulous lip shades and great for matte lovers, I for one will be investing 
in full size versions in the near future.

Fyrinne Lip Lustres start at $2 (£1.24) for a sample size and $6 (£3.71) for a full size - link

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  1. This is some amazing pigmentation right there!

    Juliette x

  2. wow these look great and fab prices!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. love the colors but I prefer it less shiny

    1. I think that is the light bouncing off them from my camera, in reality they are far more matte :)

  4. I've only ever had eyeshadows from Fyrinnae, but it looks like I've been seriously missing out! Gorgeous is an understatement!

  5. Gorgeous..they look very rich..

  6. Dragon's Blood looks amazing! Definitely want to try some of these now, they're so well priced too! :)

    Frances xx

    1. They really are :) I'm going back for some full size versions :)

  7. WOW Dragon's Blood looks dynamite on you! These seem like they're really worth checking out, such beautiful pigmentation and can't believe you said they last 4 hours!


    1. Thanks so much :) they are amazing and so well priced too!

  8. Those are great colors! You have the prettiest lips, a great lip color canvas!


  9. These are great colours, I loveeeee Dragon's Blood! x
    Sirens and Bells

    1. Aren't they just :) that's my favourite too!

  10. These are surprisingly cheap, expected them to be double the price they are!!

    1. I agree, that's why I love Indie companies :)

  11. how long did these take to arrive? Would love to order the first one x

    1. Mine took around 10 days but the website always states it's turnover time, sometimes it is quicker than others but it seems Halloween is the busiest time for them...hope this helps :)

  12. All 3 are gorgeous, but Visual Kei would definitely be my pick of the lot! :D

    1. Thanks lovely :) i'm wearing that today!

  13. Wow absolutely loooove the first one! xx

  14. Wow!! I LOVE Dragon blood. I think I'll buy it for my red lippies collection as I really like a matte one that doesn't dry my lips :D
    Thank you for sharing!!


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