Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sleek Make-Up Shangri-La Collection - Review

Sleek Make-Up will launch two new palettes and matte lip glosses (yes I agree that is an oxymoron if ever I heard it) tomorrow in collaboration with the London fashion house PPQ.

"The best things come in two's and this partnership is no exception!
Tow fashion and beauty brands Sleek Make-Up and London fashion house PPQ are coming together
once again, for a partnership of the bold and brave, married by a shared love of fashion forward 
innovation, stand out colour and down right drama.
The result is Shangri-La, a collection that sings a colourful, soulful time."

So yes two palettes and two matte glosses, the Supreme palette is the deeper toned palette of the
two which features mostly matte eyeshadows with one shimmer/highlight shade in tones
of blue and khaki and available separately is a light matte pink lip cream which
has been created to give a 60's vibe to the lips.
The Respect palette is constructed of bright orange and coral tones and again is mostly matte in formula, the lip gloss for this palette is a bright true red.
All of the shades in both palettes have been named in the honour of Motown with shade names such a
as James Brown and Gladys White.

I was sent the Supreme Palette and Soul Lip Gloss...

The Supreme palette is a complete beauty with lots of beautiful blues and green shades
with a few browns and yellow tones put in the mix too.
It is the perfect Autumn/Winter palette as you have a great selection of warm ochre shades
and browns for the Autumn and lots of ice cold blues and a shimmery white highlight shade
which would look wonderful in the winter months.
Eleven out of the twelve shades are matte and I must say that I feel Sleek Make-Up have upped
their game with the matte formula as it is much more creamier than palettes past
and certainly packs a punch in pigmentation stakes without being chalky.
If you favour matte eyeshadow this and the other palette are worth investing in.

Now I love matte lips but can not quite understand why Sleek Make-Up have labelled
their Truly Mattely Deeply lip products a gloss as they are as matte as matte can be
and feature no glossy element what so ever, the term cream would have been more fitting surely?
I was sent the shade Soul which is a light clean blue based pink which certainly does have a 60's
vibe, sadly it does look rather stark on my skin tone and isn't a shade I would wear
but the formulation is wonderful - full opaque coverage which is matte and is comfortable to wear.
I will be ordering the other shade option - Jazz, tomorrow as it a rather great lip product
particularly if like myself you enjoy matte lip products.

The Shangri-La Collection* launches tomorrow (26th September)
and the palettes retail at £7.99 each and the Truly Mattely Lip Products will be £4.99 each.

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  1. The matte lip product looks amazing, although I would probably opt for another colour too! xx

  2. The matte "lip gloss" kind of reminds me of NYX Soft Matte lip cream. What a gimmick-y name!

  3. I think the matte "lipgloss" is supposed to be their version of OCC's liptar..I love the idea of it but in a different colour..x

  4. Nice matte formula and liquid will be better to spread but definitely not that color not for me

  5. WOW WOW WOW! I'm drooling over the matte lip! :O

  6. Another great collection by Sleek. Their eyeshadows are always so amazingly pigmented and good quality :) I do like a matte lip from a creamy formula products, but i think i will be giving this blue-toned pink a miss because i do not think it will suit my skin tone. Thank you so much for sharing and i will be checking these products out very soon in superdrug hehe :) xxx

  7. amazing! love it all, I really will be picking this up, maybe not the lip colour, though if there are other shades I do love a matte lip so I will keep an eye out!

  8. I love the lip colour too, maybe on top of a lipstick though x

  9. The matte lip product looks amazing! Right up my street - i agree though - how can it be classed as a gloss? Reminds me of Collection's Cream Puffs :) xx

  10. The palette looks amazing and I will definitly be buying it but the lip 'gloss' have to say looks very chalky and definitely not for me!



    Em's Mixed Bag

  11. i like the idea's but neither of them are my kind of colours.. as much as i like them, they look horrible on me!

  12. I really like the matte lip colour, if only it was in a different colour!
    Daniella x

  13. The lip gloss (I don't get why they called it that either, it's a bit of a contradiction!) looks lovely, although I'd probably have gone for the red shade as well xx

  14. Nice lip colour on darker skin tones i'd think, on me i would look like a corpse haha not a massive fan of matte eyeshadows so will probably give them a miss!

  15. Nice palette :) I like the Al-Green, P-Punk and Delfonic the most :)

  16. i can't find the palette on their website...

  17. awesome! thank you for putting this up.. I am planning to get both palettes soon..
    just followed you.
    drop by my blog too if you have time.


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