Barry M have been releasing lots of wonderful things lately but the collection that
more than grabbed my attention is the new Jewel Glitter Paints.
The Barry M Jewel Glitter paints come in 6 new shades and launched on Barry M's website today
and will supposedly creep into Superdrug stores this Wednesday (26th September),
then in Boots stores on the 3rd of October but I spotted these in my local Superdrug on Saturday
so it is worth popping in if these interest you.

Sadly as I bought these pre-launch not all the shades were available but I did
pick up Ruby Glitter and Pink Sapphire Glitter for £2.99 a pop!

Barry M Jewel Glitter in Ruby Glitter

Sadly this is one of those shades that looks far superior in the bottle than it does on the nails.
Sure you could sit all day and build it up and it would look truly stunning but I do not have
the time nor the patience for that sort of lark.

Ruby Glitter is a clear base in which large and small glitter flakes of deep burgundy and black
glitter flecks are suspended, the deep burgundy flakes are a beautiful shade but the black glitter is
matte and comes in two sizes minuscule and small, the minuscule flakes actually look like dirt in some lights
and as they are matte it puts to bed any ideas of layering this polish over a deep red/black shade.

I applied it over Nubar's Putty to show all the glitter flecks and used two coats for the above effect.
It layers on nicely and dries fairly quickly too.
I just have to find the perfect polish to layer this over, any suggestions are more than welcome.

Barry M in Pink Sapphire

This is such a girlie polish and one most of us will struggle to pass up on.
Again it is a clear base with glitter flecks suspended within, the glitter comes in two various shapes
the standard hexagons and small chunks of bar shaped glitter.

The shades of glitter are very pretty indeed with bright candy pink glitter flecks both small and again
minuscule in size combined with regular hexagons of holographic silver flecks and the odd bar shaped
fleck which is again silver and holographic.

Unlike Ruby Glitter this polish is pretty much fail safe and will look really striking layered over any pink,
purple, white or black polish. I settled on Essie's Cascade Cool which is a massive personal favourite.
Again I  used two coats for the above effect and found it to layer on nicely and dry quickly too.

All of the Barry M Jewel Glitter Paints are currently online £2.99/10ml - link