I have seen numerous reviews and mentions of Slatkin & Co candles from various
people most of which have been American but with the power of eBay you can pretty much
find anything nowadays for a reasonable price and just wait for good ol' Mr Postie
to deliver the goods.

With us now being in the midst of Autumn in the U.K I have been on the look out for some warming 
scents that don't go down the spice route - i'm not all that fussy when it comes to scents but I loathe
anything that is heavy on spice notes or cinnamon for that matter so with that in mind,
I purchased Slatkin & Co scented candle in Leaves and a Bath & Body Works Candle in Cafe Au Latte.
To the best of my knowledge Slatkin & Co is the brand that manufactures all Bath & Body Works
scented candles but feel free to dig me up in the comments if that is in fact wrong.

Leaves is the prefect Autumn candle scent in my opinion, it is officially listed as a "Rich blend of golden
nectar, red apple and berries.", I have no idea what golden nectar smells like or what it is (maple syrup?)
but you can most definitely detect the red apple note which is bright and crisp and combined with the berry 
notes you have a delicious yet warm scent that is perfect for burning on a chilly night.

Cafe Au Latte is a rather odd choice for myself as I loathe both tea and coffee but the description
of this scent had me hooked from the get go "Warm caramel, brown sugar and creamy vanilla",
doesn't that just sound good enough to eat?
It is an indulgent treat that is sweet yet has plenty of warmth to the scent due to notes of caramel
and brown sugar, if you like cupcake scents but desire something a little more-ish for the cooler
months this is certainly one to look into.

I have only bought the mini candles as I have never tried Slatkin & Co candles before
but I do have to say that I am hooked, they burn well are highly scented and are something 
I will go back for more and when I visit the states next year I will be loading up on full sized versions.

I bought these from eBay for £5.84 each using this seller - link