Sunday, September 30, 2012

Behind the Make-Up Bag - Me!

This was meant to go live last week but as always with Blogger things don't tend to run smoothly
and in my opinion better late than never!
I have lots of make-up bags but the one I do tend to favour is my Urban Decay Quincera make-up
bag it's large, pvc (wipe clean) , the most gorgeous shade of purple and glittery...what's not to like.
Sadly this bag was a limited edition to mark the 15th anniversary of Urban Decay
and no longer available but you might find one on eBay?

So what is inside?

The truth is far too much as I seldom empty it yet add products constantly...oops!

I like to keep various brushes at hand - mostly face/cheek brushes as that is what I touch up the most.
I don't tend to keep my pricey brushes in my everyday bag just through fear of loosing them.
Clarins Bronzing Duo in Dark is a great multi tasking product, I use the light shade as a setting powder 
and the deep shade to contour and warm up my skin.
The two cheek products I keep in my daily make-up bage are MAC Lightyear MSF as this highlighter goes with pretty much any blush.
Speaking of blushes, 17 First Kiss Blush is a lovely shade and again suits most make-up looks
and a great cheap and cheerful blush.

I don't tend to carry much around for my eye area expect from MAC's Studio Finish Concealer
which in all honestly I rarely have to touch up throughout the day but I feel better knowing that it is in
my bag just in case...I am a complete worry wart!
I also lug around a random mascara at the moment it is Bourjois Black Jack mascara 
and my daily eye liner which is Bourjois 3 Dot Liner which I again like to have at hand 
should I need it.

Truthfully I do carry more lip products than anything else and I have no explanation to why I do this
as they are quite similar in tone...I'm just a hoarder at heart haha!
Chanel's Rouge Coco in Aventure is a light bright pink that has a slight glossy finish which I do like to
pair with NARS Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls.
I also keep a Revlon Lip Butter and The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm in my bag should my lips
need a little moisturation.

What would a make-up bag be without a few random products?
I always carry about a toothbrush and mini tooth paste not because I am a dirty stop out
but because I'm quite paranoid about my teeth and gums and like to brush after every meal.
A few random hair bands for when my hair needs tamed, a forehead balm as I hate taking pain killers
for small headaches, my hayfever relief balm which is pretty self explanatory and last but not least
a small spray bottle of Liz Earle's Skin Tonic to calm and refresh my skin on the go.

I think it may be time to have a make-up bag cull don't you?

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  1. nice choices!:)

  2. I am long overdue a cull! I love your makeup bag x

  3. Great post! Love your keychain! So cute!

    Sita & Radha

  4. I love that makeup bag, so glittery! Gorgeous items inside as well :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. Keep meaning to try out First Kiss blush, looks lovely

  6. I love the printed kabuki brush <3

  7. Love the makeup bag..It's so fancy..haha..I lugg around similar products but I've only just decided to try a face refresher and got Mac's Fix + I hope it works :-/ xx

    Yewizzy @ She Loves The Finer Things

  8. I always tend to have way too many lip products in my travel make up bag also haha! I like to have a nice variety to pick from sometimes. The body shop born lippy lipbalm is one of my favourite lipbalms and i always have that with me~ My fave is the strawberry one :) I don't bring many brushes when i am out because i don't want them to be damaged (Since it is pretty easy to catch the hairs on the zips) but i do bring a small retractable one that i got from Body shop. Thanks for sharing ^^ It was interesting to read~ xxx

  9. I loved this post hun, the bag is lovely (including the charm ;) ) and I do the same with lip products, when I went on holiday I think I took two weeks supply of lip products even though I didn't use them all haha. The Mac highlighter looks really nice :)


  10. Im the same I always carry around way to many lip products but they really do make the most difference I find :) Love the kabuki brush as well xo


  11. The travel toothbrush and toothpaste is so cute and handy!

    Beth @


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