Monday, September 24, 2012

JolieBox September 2012 Edition - Review

This month's JolieBox is a London Fashion Week special and contains 3 full sized items,
one sample sized product and a few extra little sachets of product to try out too.
I do like this month's box as it contains a few products that I have tried, tested and enjoyed in the past
but feel it was missing a wow product/factor, do you feel the same?

Anyway on to what was inside and a few little mini reviews...

Balmi Coconut Lip Balm - Full Size
I have a massive soft spot for Balmi lip balms and my raspberry one is never far from my clutches.
Yes they aren't as natural as the E.O.S alternative but my lips do revel in their moisturisation
and the scents are very yummy indeed - the coconut scent is mild and creamy. 

I Love...Coconut Face Mask - Full Size
This is a moisturising peel off face mask that is a cheap and cheerful treat.
I've tried a few over the last few months from I Love...and find them to be a great weekend treat
and have never encountered any problems such as irritations or break outs.

Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion - Sample/30ml
This is a balm type product that you apply to damp hair before blow drying for a straight 
and sleek result, my hairdresser actually uses this on my hair fairly regularly and it does provide
a great glossy sleek result sadly my hair drying skills aren't quite on par with hers.

Twistband Hair Tie - Full Size
When at home I always tie my hair up and out of my face so these will come in handy
but it is not something I will be wearing in public, to me they look like a home made hair elastic
and aren't quite polished enough for day to day wear.
I'm aware that such statement sounds terrible snobbish but it does look like someone has ran out of
hair bands and fashioned something out of a spare piece of elastic...sorry Twistbands.

Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant - x2 Samples
A nice enough creamy based exfoliant and a lovely little extra,
the samples are tiny so it is hard to gauge how well it truly works
but my first impressions are that it has a lovely creamy texture and feels fairly luxurious on the skin.

What do you think of this months box?

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  1. i have been thinking about swapping from the glossy box to the jolie box....hmmmm.....

    1. why not :) sometimes it's nice to have a little change?

  2. I'm waiting for mine to arrive but the only things i'm looking forward to are the Balmi lipbalm and the Redken straightening lotion. I'm in two minds about Joliebox. I was over the moon with the June box but everything since then has just been ok, nothing too great and I think their delivery is getting later and later. I don't know whether to stick with them or just cancel. I know they're with Birchbox now so maybe they'll be some product change. Perhaps i'll wait till next month, see what they give us then.


  3. I liked getting a Balmi lip balm- I got strawberry but wish it had been raspberry! The hair lotion is nice enough but I never have the patience to dry my hair properly, looking forward to trying the mask also, been ages since I've used a peel off one. I'm thinking of ending my subscription though as they don't really seem worth it overall

  4. I dislike the stringy bits they keep sending! but the Balmis are fab!

  5. Where can i buy the twist hair bands in the uk? Thanks

  6. I got my box today! loved the gift card and the 10% off boohoo that also came with it! xo

  7. The hairproduct looks nice :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  8. I thought the box was pants, i already own and hate one of those chemically tasting balms and so the whole box is up for sale or swap. Worst box to date. Thank god birch box has bought them out.x

  9. Totally agree with you about the twistbands! Maybe if they were black, I think the colours draw too much attention also. xxx

  10. Looks nice i might switch from glossybox!:)

  11. Coconut lip balm... Yeah!! :D

  12. I agree about the hair ties. I wouldnt wear them in public either.

  13. This months Jolie Box looks fab. I might have to swap my beauty box! xx


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