This is another one of those posts that was meant to live a go week ago but due to my silliness
and loosing a HD card it did have to go on the back burner until said card was found.
Can you guess where I found my HD card? In my jewellery box...yeah no idea why I decided
to put it in there but hey ho I found it in the end and I resolve to be less absent minded haha!

Anyway for the last month I have been trailing a few of Japonesque brushes
and have been bursting at the seams to share just how wonderful they are but as brushes
are more often than not an investment for most (myself included),
I decided that they needed to be road tested for a full month daily before even thinking about
jotting down my thoughts, it has now been a good month and a half since I began using them
so let's get on with what I think and what I have experienced thus far!

Japonesque Travel Kabuki Brush £36* - link 
Despite being a short and stubby brush the bristles are very soft due to the brush being constructed
using natural high grade hair, this allows it self nicely to both powder and cream products.
I personally use this brush as a powder brush as it picks up my pressed powder so wonderfully
and buffs the product onto the skin seamlessly.
After over a month of use there is a few stray hairs but that seems to happen to all of my brushes,
it has not shed and after at least 6 washes it looks as good as the day I got it!

Japonesque Pro Finishing Fan Brush £15* - link
This brush in my opinion is a must have for any kit as it is a wonderfully multi-purpose tool,
you can use it to lightly sweep off excess powder or use it to add subtle hints of colour to
the skin but my personal favourite use for this particular blush is to use it set the concealer under my eyes. The shape lends itself wonderfully to such purpose and as it is a fan in shape it does
not pick up as much product as a typical powder brush and further eliminates the chances
of your under eye cosmetics from caking.
Much like the Kabuki brush this has more than held its shape after numerous washes
and has not shed in the slightest!

Japonesque Pro Angled Foundation Brush £19.50* - link
My first impressions of this brush was my what a small head it has
but this is more than likely because I am so used to using a large flat head kabuki brush.
Although small is stature the smallish angled head makes for precision application
making it great to apply liquid products be they foundation, highlighters or blushes.
I find it particularly useful for applying foundation around my nose area and also to contour
and highlight when using liquid products.
As with the other two brushes this has been a dream to wash and take care off,
with no splaying or shedding.

Over all I can highly recommend Japonesque brushes, they are well made and are finished to a great quality.
They are soft and non-abrasive to the skin and truly aid in the application of make-up process wonderfully so, they wash and weather well and most importantly they are well priced, okay some are a little pricer than others but on the whole they are reasonably priced given the high standard.

Have you tried any Japonesque brushes if so what are your thoughts?