I warn you now I am on a mission so expect to see a few more empty posts popping up
on your dashboard as the weeks pass, basically we are redecorating our bath room 
very soon and I don't want lots of half used bottles of lotions and potions lying around
so until the majority are used up I will be avoiding purchasing any new hair or body care.

Anyway before I share wallpaper and paint samples let's get on with the empty products
and as always I have stated if I will re-purchase or not!

Gosh Neon Baby Nail Polish  
This was a limited edition from last year and I have miraculously finished it, yep a whole nail polish!
This is a rare occurrence as I tend to grow bored of polishes very quickly and pass them on
before I have made a dent in them, I would re-purchase but it was an limited edition at the time.

Yankee Simply Home Bermuda Beach Candle
I'm a little bewildered by the simply home range by Yankee as it essentially their regular fragrance line
with different scent names and cheaper...not that i'm complaining as it was pretty large and cost £7.
Bermuda Beach is identical to Pink Sands a personal favourite of mine and next time in B&Q
it will be an addition to my cart for sure.

Morrisons Baby Bed Time Wash
I bought a good few of these at the beginning of the year and have just only finished my stash,
don't get me wrong it is a nice enough product but not one I'm in a rush to repurchase.
Just a heads up it is pretty thin in texture and doesn't soap up all that well.

Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts 2-in-1 Mask and Wash
You may know by know this is by far one of my favourite facial products,
I'll probably never be blemish free unless I lived in a warm country
but this does help to heal present blemishes and prevent future ones
and as a mask it kicks butt!
A sure fire re-purchase over and over....and over!

Timotei Pure Hair Care - Shampoo and Conditioner
If you are looking for a great paraben/SLS free hair care routine then you must check out this line,
not only is affordable but effective too - even for those with sensitive scalps!
Unlike other paraben free hair care products I have used in the past this shampoo does foam really well.
I have already re-purchased a few items from this collection.

Headmasters Big Glam Hair Conditioner
I haven't found this to add instant volume but it does give a good foundation for teasing 
and styling the hair into a voluminous style.
That aside it is a great conditioner that has a wonderful scent,
this won't be an instant repurchase but I will more than likely revisit it over the coming months.

Original Source Lemon & Tea Tree Shower Gel
I always seem to have a few bottles of Original Source shower gels in the house
but the Lemon version is the one I lean on the most.
It cleanses well and has a great zesty scent that really awakens me in the morning.
Again this won't be an instant re-purchase but no doubt it will find it's way back into my shower
some point in the near future.